1Which customers does Allio.io serve?
Allio.io works with small and medium size businesses in the service industry. A typical customer generally has one or more customer service agents.
2What types of services are available?
Allio.io offers ready turn-key models for several small businesses
Allio service assistants help take customer orders and fulfill them.
3What markets and languages does Allio.io serve?
Allio.io serves the US, EU and Australian markets. Supported languages are English, Germanic and French.
4What makes Allio.io artificially intelligent?
Allio provides a state of the art home-grown business-focused natural language processing and business automation engine. Allio runs on a centralized AI “brain” that learns as more conversations are handled. It has both short and long term memory, allowing it to recognize customers and recall facts from previous conversations to provide a truly rich customer experience.
5What's special about Allio.io?
Allio.io AI “brain” is focused 100% on solving business problems.
  1. Allio.io provides Artificial Intelligence-as-a-Service to small and medium businesses.
  2. Allio.io focuses on provien A.I. models that solve important business problems and deliver high ROI.
  3. Allio.io is omnichannel. It delivers services through all customer channels.
6How long does Allio.io take to deploy?
Allio.io takes on average 1 week to deploy for the available services, from contract signature to first live conversation. For new models outside the focus areas, Allio.io takes about 4-6 weeks.
7Does Allio.io require ripping existing technology?
Allio.io can easily integrate with existing infrastructure, both physical and logical, cloud and on-premise. It learns fast, and can quickly adapt to more complex tasks.
8What support does Allio.io provide?
Allio.io offers 24/7/365 support to all clients.