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FAQ Allio A.I

What support does Allio AI provide?

Allio AI offers 24/7/365 support to all clients.

Does Allio AI require ripping existing technology?

Allio AI integrates with existing IVR. It deploys in minutes, learns fast, and can quickly adapt to more complex tasks.

How long do we take to deploy?

Allio AI takes one week to deploy on average for the available services. No personnel training is required. For new models outside the focus areas, Allio AI takes about 4-6 weeks.

What’s special about us?

Allio AI “brain” provides rich natural and informative conversations.

1. Allio AI delivers Artificial Intelligence-as-a-Service.
2. Allio AI focuses on proven A.I. models that solve important business problems and deliver high ROI.
3. Allio AI is omnichannel. It delivers services through voice channels (phone line, Alexa, Google Assistant), as well as chat (Whatsapp, Facebook, other social media), and SMS text.

What makes us artificially intelligent?

Allio AI runs on a centralized AI “brain” that learns as more conversations are handled. It has both short and long term memory, allowing it to recognize customers and recall facts from previous conversations to provide a truly rich customer experience.

What markets and languages does Allio AI serve?

Allio AI serves the US, EU and Australian markets for now. Supported languages are English, Germanic and other Latin languages.

What size companies does Allio AI work with best?

Allio AI works with small and medium-sized businesses. A typical customer generally has two or more service advisors.

Which customers does Allio AI serve?

Allio AI caters to dealership service shops and offers ready to go trained virtual assistants.

FAQ Allio A.I

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